ATTENTION Lower Denture Wearers!

Esther Schwenning, RD is now certified in the Japanese Lower Denture Suction technique. No more floating lower dentures! Not every one is a candidate for a lower suction denture. We offer complimentary consults to see if you are a candidate. Call today and say good bye to loose, floating lower dentures! 250-562-2620.

We are so proud of our latest commercial

We are so proud of our latest commercial! We had a lovely bunch of local smile volunteers! If you want to stop hiding your smile, call us at 250-562-2620 for a free consultation.

Check out our first television commercial

Check out new (and first!) television commercial. It may not look like a conventional denture ad, but we wanted to show the importance of having a smile that you are confident in, no matter what your age is. We have so many reasons to smile, don't hide yours! Our team's goal is to see you smile naturally, comfortably and confidently.